Redefine the way your DeFi task is performed.
CIAN is an open automation platform that allows you to easily compose and automate your blockchain tasks utilizing extensive automation primitives. CIAN redefines the way a DeFi task is performed -- substitute intricate & time consuming manual operations of your DeFi task with simple ‘task definition’ of few clicks.

Save up to 80% of your manual operations,
increase your capital utilization for up to 60%.
Redefine the way your DeFi task is performed to save 80% of your effort.
Find globally optimized routes,protocol/op combinations across chains for your Defi task.
Your yield strategy & portfolios intact, improve
capital utilization on top of them by to 60%.
Your Dedicated smart wallet, completely Decentralized, EIP2612 standard to secure your Sole Access to your fund.